Occupation Profiles

When researching careers in the Careers section of the program, students have access to detailed occupation profiles that include the following sections:

At A Glance – A snapshot of the occupation with a summary of on-the-job activities, working conditions and employers, earnings, education and training requirements, and relevant skills and abilities. This section also includes earnings and education graphs, and photos depicting common tasks performed by people in the occupation.

Suitable For You? – Once students have completed the Matchmaker assessment, they can use the Suitable For You? link to see how aspects of the occupation compare to their interests. If they have not completed Matchmaker, this option will not appear on the occupation profile pages.

Job Description – A detailed description of what people in the occupation do, including common tasks and skills and technology used on the job.

Working Conditions – Information on where people in the occupation work, typical hours, and other working conditions, including potential safety issues.

Earnings – Information on how much people in the occupation can expect to earn over the course of their career, as well as related benefits and expenses, and factors that influence salaries. (In the U.S. version of the program, there's information about state-specific salaries as well as an employment outlook.)

Education – Information on the education and training requirements for the occupation, including related college and university programs, related apprenticeships (Canadian version only), suggested high school subject areas, and other qualifications.

Sample Career Path – Provides an overview of sample job titles, responsibilities, requirements, and earnings and how they change over time as individuals progress in the career.

Related Careers – Links to related occupation profiles, career clusters, and top industries.

Other Resources – Links to other websites related to this career, such as government resources and professional associations.

Interviews – Most profiles feature video interviews with two professionals in the field, including likes, dislikes, and advice.

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