Overview of CAMS

The Career Advisor Management System (CAMS) helps administrators, teachers, and counselors effectively implement and manage the use of Career Cruising for K-12 at their school or district. There are four primary functions of CAMS:

  1. Organize and view staff and student information, including My Plan data. 
  2. Communicate with students and parents with messaging tools and Parent Portal accounts. 
  3. Track student activity in the program and generate reports on assessment results, portfolio completion, and more.
  4. Personalize your site’s Career Cruising for K-12 experience.

Logging In

To access CAMS, go to careercruising.com/school and enter your site's basic username and password (first two fields) follow by your personal advisor password (third field). When you log in for the first time, you'll need to read and agree to the Career Advisor Management System agreement.

You can explore Career Cruising from CAMS by clicking the Enter Career Cruising button near the bottom of the menu on the left side of the Advisor Homepage and logging in with student demo credentials. Learn More >

Access Levels

Some customization and information management features in CAMS are only available to users with a certain level of access. Multiple security levels ensure staff members have access to the appropriate tools and information. There are four levels of access:

Career Cruising Administrator is for the one or two individuals at a school who are primarily responsible for the implementation and management of Career Cruising for K-12. This level allows full access to CAMS features and functions, including customization options.

School Administrator/Counselor is for staff who work with CAMS regularly, use Career Cruising for K-12 with a large group of students, and have some student information management responsibilities. This level allows access to most student information management functions and some customization functions.

Teacher/Advisor is for individuals who use Career Cruising for K-12 with specific groups of students and are mainly responsible for working with only these students’ information. This level allows access to student My Plan information, including both individual student data and aggregate reports.

Other Staff is for staff members who need basic access to CAMS features, such as reporting and the retrieval of student usernames and passwords, but who do not need access to student information management tools and customization functions.

Learn More About CAMS Security Levels >
Learn More About Finding Your CAMS Security Level >

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