Student Administration

The Student Administration section lets you view information for students at your school by clicking View Student List under All Students on the Advisor Homepage. You can also assign the students you work with directly to your own student list to create a more manageable list to work from. 

The Student List

The Student List displays students’ names, grade levels, usernames and passwords, and portfolio completion statuses. You can sort the list by any column. From the View/Action
drop-down menu in the Student List , you can access a number of options:

  • View Plan – View a printer-friendly version of the student’s My Plan portfolio.
  • View Resume – View the student’s resume as he or she has formatted it.
  • Advisement Log – Track guidance activities through the Advisement Log.
  • Annual Review – Record information for the Annual Plan Review.
  • Completion Status – View a student’s individual My Plan Completion Status Report. Learn More >
  • Deactivate Plan – Deactivate a student's My Plan account.
  • Edit Profile – Edit a student’s profile.
  • Invite Others Access – Enable or disable the Invite Others To View My Plan feature for individual students.
  • Login History – See when and how often a student has logged into their My Plan account.
  • Notes – Record notes about students that can be read only by other Advisors or, if specified as private, only by you.
  • Parent Access – Create and manage access accounts to give parents and guardians a read-only view of their child’s portfolios. Learn More >
  • Parent Comments – Track parents’ and guardians’ comments on their child’s portfolio.
  • Send Message – Message an individual student through their My Plan account. If the student has entered a personal email address, they'll also receive an email copy of the message.
  • View My Journal – View students’ entries to learn their thoughts and progress on future-planning activities.
  • Transfer – Transfer a student to another school in your district. Learn More >

You can also search for students and export student lists.

Adding Students

Students will require a My Plan account to use Career Cruising for K-12 and be included in CAMS data. The process of adding student accounts depends on if your school is Data Integrated. Learn More >

To add a new student, click the Add New Student link in the Student Administration section of the Advisor Homepage.

Deactivating Students

If a student has left your school, you'll want to deactivate their My Plan account so they no longer appear on the student list and do not affect reports. Deactivated accounts are not deleted; students are still able to access their saved information and update their plans and resumes. Learn More >

Promoting and Graduating Students

The Promote/Graduate Students feature in the Student Administration section of the Advisor Homepage ensures that student data remains current. You can promote students from one grade to the next, graduate students from your school, and demote students from one grade to another. Learn More >

Transferring Students

The Transfer Students feature allows you to transfer students at your school to another school within your district that also subscribes to Career Cruising for K-12. This feature is used primarily by elementary and middle schools transferring their graduating students to the appropriate high school. Learn More >

Assigning Students to an Advisor

From your own list of students, you can send a message about an upcoming assignment or activity, post relevant documents/links to My Plan pages, and pull report data based on what your students have saved to their portfolios.

To assign students to an Advisor (including yourself):

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, under Student Administration, click Add New Student OR select your name from the Assign drop-down menu in the Student List.
  2. Search for the students you'll be teaching or advising.

Note: Students can be assigned to multiple advisors (e.g. a teacher and a counselor). 

Creating Student Groups

In addition to assigning students to your list, you can also group students together to use Career Cruising for K-12 more effectively. For example, you may want to create a group for each class you teach, for special needs students, or for students involved in a specific extracurricular activity you're responsible for. Once you create a group, you can:

  • Create assignments and activities for that group
  • Message all students in that group at once
  • Add portfolio homepage links for the group
  • Post documents for that group to their portfolio homepage

To create a group:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, under Student Administration, click Manage Student Groups.
  2. Click the Add New Group at the bottom of the page.
  3. Assign the group a name and select a group type (Private, Shared, or Managed).
  4. Search for students and add them to the group. 


  • Groups can contain any number of students and students can belong to any number of groups.
  • You'll be able to add and remove students from any group at any time.
  • Groups are managed manually, so if you set up a group for a class, for example, you must add and remove students from that group as they join and leave the class.

Sending Messages to Students

The CAMS internal messaging system lets you send messages to students through their My Plan accounts, which is an excellent way to make announcements or remind students of important dates like college and career fairs. When students log into Career Cruising for K-12, the messages appear in their inbox. Learn More >

The Advisement Log

The Advisement Log allows you to maintain a log of advisement activities for each student to track his or her advisement program over time. You can use this feature to record information about individual students’ career exploration progress, educational plans, or other activities. Aggregate reports based on the Advisement Log can help track how students’ career development time is being spent and identify needs.

To see the Advisement Log for a specific student, select Advisement Log from the View/Action drop-down menu beside the student’s name on the Student List.  From this page, you can add a new entry, edit a previous entry, or delete an entry (you can only edit and delete log entries that you have entered, not entries created by other users).

The Manage Advisement Logs feature allows you to search for, view, and manage advisement log entries for students at your school. To use this feature, click the Manage Advisement Logs link on the Advisor Homepage and search for students by grade, username, first or last name, or Advisor. A list of students matching your search criteria will be displayed, along with the number of entries in each student’s Advisement Log and the date his or her Advisement Log was last updated. Click a student’s name to view, add, edit, or delete entries in his or her Advisement Log (you can only edit and delete log entries that you have entered, not entries created by other users).

The Manage Group Advisement Log Entries feature allows you to add new log entries for multiple students at the same time. To view Group Advisement Log entries, click the Manage Group Entries link on the Advisor Homepage. Click the subject name to view details about existing group entries. 

To add a new group log entry, click the Add New Entry link. On the Advisement Activity Details form, select the session dates and a topic area, fill out the subject line and description field, and click the Add Students button to search for students who should have the entry included in their Advisement Log. When you are finished, click Submit.

Assignments and Activities

The Assignments and Activities feature allows you to share template files for assignments and activities with you students, including, worksheets and forms. You can also organize and track the completed documents students upload to their My Plan accounts. Learn More >

View and Print Students' My Plans and Resumes

You can view a student’s My Plan portfolio or resume using the View/Action drop-down menu on the Student List, and print the document using the print feature in your browser.

If you want to print multiple  portfolios or resumes, you can use the Mass Print Options feature to select the group of students whose plans or resumes you'd like to print using a variety of search criteria. Learn More >

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