Overview of the Regional Reporting System (RRS)

The Regional Reporting System (RRS) helps district or regional administrators implement and manage the use of Career Cruising for K-12 at a district level. There are four primary functions of the RRS:

  1. Organize and view staff and student information, including My Plan data. 
  2. Communicate with students and parents with messaging tools and Parent Portal accounts. 
  3. Track student activity in the program and generate reports on assessment results, portfolio completion, and more.
  4. Configure your site’s Career Cruising for K-12 experience.

Logging In

To access the RRS, go to www.careercruising.com/region and enter your RRS login provided to you by your Career Cruising Success Manager. When you log in for the first time, you'll need to read and agree to the Regional Reporting System agreement.

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