Course Planner Workshops (U.S. & Canada)

Welcome to the Course Planner training page! Register for live training sessions and view webinar recordings using the links below. 

The first training listed is recommended for all Career Cruising for K-12 users. The other training sessions are for staff members who've been designated as a Course Planner School Lead.


Your Onboarding Manager will send you an invite to attend the Quick Start Session.

Overview of Course Planner for Middle and High School Educators - 45 mins (recording)
Course Planner: Secondary Diplomas/Endorsements/Pathways - 20 mins (recording)
Course Planner: Annual Tasks - 35 mins (recording)
Course Planner: Closing Tasks - 7 mins (recording)

Course Planner: Introduction and Overview for Middle and High School Educators

Learn the basic functions of Course Planner and how to use it with students. Recommended for all middle and high school educators who use the tool. (45 mins)


Course Planner: Secondary Diplomas/Endorsements/Pathways

This session provides step-by-step guidance on how to set up optional secondary diploma streams to address certificates or major you may offer at your school. We also discuss best practices for secondary diploma stream setup and demonstrate various test scenarios. (20 mins)


Course Planner: Annual Tasks

Note: We recommend attending this session prior to your students making their course requests.

After completing the initial setup and implementation of Course Planner, there are a few key tasks you need to complete to prepare the tool for your students in the new academic year. This session reviews the sections in CAMS that allow you to configure the program to best meet your needs: Course Master, Diploma and Orphan sections, and Grade Settings. (35 mins)


Course Planner: Closing Tasks 

Note: We recommend attending this session at least four weeks prior to your school or district’s deadline for importing student course requests. 

This session reviews the step-by-step process of exporting student course requests so that you can import course into your Student Information System. We address the question, "What key tasks must be completed both in your SIS and Career Cruising to ensure all course information is imported successfully into your SIS?" (7 mins)


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