Career Cruising for Employment Centers Training Sessions (U.S.)

With engaging career profiles, multimedia video content and a modern, intuitive interface, Career Cruising provides job seekers and experienced workers in transition with an interactive career development and job search resource that guides them forward to new options.

Comprehensive Assessments
With integrated assessments, users identify the careers that match their interests and skills. Personalized feedback helps them understand—and apply—the results to their future plans.

Career Exploration
Users can start with assessments to identify career matches based on their interests and skills. From there, they can explore in-depth information on hundreds of occupations, including multimedia interviews, workplace photos, sample career paths, and more.

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Overview of Career Cruising for Workforce & Higher Education

On-Demand Recording: Overview of Career Cruising for Workforce & Higher Education

Best Practices: Resume Builder

Best Practices: Employment Section & Job Search

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