How do Advisors send letters of reference?

After eTranscripts are set up with the help of your Career Cruising Onboarding Manager, you can manage transcript requests through the Career Advisor Management System (CAMS).

To send letters of reference: 

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, under your Transcript Dashboard, click the Letters of Reference link.
  2. Click Add New Letter or Click Here to start.
  3. Enter the student's name for whom you'd like to send a letter of reference. Click Next.
  4. Select a state, a school in that state, and a campus/receiver to receive the letter of reference.
  5. Under File, click Browse to select the letter of reference file from your computer and click Next.
  6. In the box that appears, click Send Now to send the letter of reference or Send Later to save the request.  
  7. You'll find saved requests by returning to your Advisor Homepage and selecting Letters of Reference from your Transcript Dashboard. You'll see the status of all unsent letters: those to be sent and those awaiting upload of the letter. To complete these requests, click the Student Name and upload and send a letter, replace an existing file, or delete the request.

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