How do Advisors upload student transcripts?

Once the eTranscripts feature is activated with the help of your Career Cruising Onboarding Manager, you can send and manage transcript requests through the Career Advisor Management System (CAMS). You'll need to upload student transcripts as PDFs before sending documents to schools.

To upload student transcripts:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, select Upload Transcripts.
  2. Click Choose File and find the PDF of transcripts you’ve generated. Select Upload.
  3. Once files are uploaded, you’ll receive a message that the file has been submitted for processing.
  • For transcripts that match an existing student’s ID found in Career Cruising, look under Confirm Mapped Transcripts on the Transcript Dashboard section of the Advisor Homepage.
  • If you've loaded a transcript where we've located a matching student’s ID report, your transcripts will be found under Unmapped Transcripts. Follow these instructions to map student transcripts.
  • Once you've mapped the student record, you'll find it under the All Mapped Transcripts and it will be ready to send to any college or university.

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