Help Topics

Getting Started

Usernames and passwords, login pages, browser requirements.

23 articles

Managing Student Accounts

Student transfers, grade promotions, portfolio and account changes.

22 articles

Advisor Activities

Assignments, reports, portfolio completion standards, messaging tools.

19 articles


Missing students, course exemptions, error messages.

17 articles

Course Planner + Data Integration

Reports, tracking, prerequisites, extra credits, alternate courses, sign-off sheets.

27 articles


Sending transcripts and reference letters, managing student requests.

7 articles

Billing + Renewals

Renewal notifications, invoices, payment options, PO numbers, contact information.

14 articles


Middle and High School Training

Overviews, Course Planner, The Real Game.

6 articles

Elementary School Training

Spark! for K-2 and 3-5.

2 articles

Libraries, Employment Centers, and Higher Ed Training

6 articles

Career Cruising User's Guide

15 articles

CAMS User's Guide

14 articles

Student Information Systems

10 articles