Foundation Training Sessions (U.S.)

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Overview of Career Cruising for Middle School - 1 hour with Q&A

Live Training: Overview of Career Cruising for High School - 1 hour with Q&A
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Recorded Training Sessions: 

The Student Side of Career Cruising - 20 minutes
What does the student journey in Career Cruising look like? Find out what resources are available to students in the program and how they can make the best use of them. 

The Career Advisor Management System (CAMS)
- 30 minutes
What resources are available to help you assist your students on their Career Cruising journey? Learn how educators can gain insights into student progress and activities in the program. 

The Parent Portal
- 30 minutes
What role do parents play in the Career Cruising journey? See how they can view their children's Career Cruising account and planning progress. 

Portfolio Completion Standards (PCS)
- 30 minutes
What are Portfolio Completion Standards and how can they help your students along their future-planning journey? Learn what the standards are and how to set them up in your school or district.  

Regional Reporting System (RRS)
- 40 minutes
You work at the region/district - what role do you play in the implementation of Career Cruising? Find out how can you use this tool to help your schools and track progress. 

If you're in Kentucky, Delaware, or Wisconsin, you're invited to state-specific webinar training. Contact for schedules. 

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