Parent Portal Accounts

Parents and guardians can view their child’s work in Career Cruising for K-12 through the Parent Portal. Advisors manage these accounts from within CAMS and can take the following actions: 

Create Parent/Guardian Account Activation Codes and Mass Print Parent/Guardian Access Letter. You can create activation codes for Parent/Guardian Portal Accounts. You can also generate letters to send home to parents/guardians with their activation code and instructions for accessing the portal. Learn More >

View Parent/Guardian Portfolio Access Information. View the name and email address of the parent, the date they first activated, and any unused codes on the student’s account.

View Activation Codes and Accounts. View, export, and review all current access codes. You can also see which codes have or have not yet been used.

Parent/Guardian Comment Log. View all comments made by parents on their student’s My Plan from the Parent Portal. You can search for a specific group of student’s by name, advisor, grade, or group.

Once parents/guardians are set up with accounts, you can also send them messages directly from CAMS, which they'll receive on their parent dashboard and through email.

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