Spark! Elementary Program

If your school only has elementary students, you'll see the CAMS for Spark! features immediately upon logging in to your Advisor Homepage. If your school has students in grades 6 and up, you'll see a link in the upper left-hand corner of the page to go to Spark! administrative features, including: 

  • Managing elementary student accounts.
  • Planning how to use Spark! with your students.
  • Generating reports on students’ Spark! unit completion, badges achieved, and usage.

Educator Guides

Click the Helpful Documents button the CAMS for Spark! page to access a program overview, educator guides, activities, parent letters, and portfolio information.

Assigning Students

From your own list of students, you'll be able to pull reporting data based on what your students have saved to their portfolios.

To assign students:

  1. Go to the Student Administration.
  2. Click either Add Students to My List OR select your name from the drop-down menu to assign students to an Advisor.
  3. Search for the students you'll be teaching or advising.

Note: Students may be assigned to multiple Advisors so that they can be assigned to all of their teachers and counselors.

You also have the ability to transfer students. Learn More >

K-2 Reports

The Portfolio Reports section provides you with aggregate data on student login history and badge completion. You also have access to the files uploaded by each student and can customize many of the reports and export the data as well.

3-5 Reports

The aggregate Completion Reports track how students are progressing towards completing the program. You can also view files each student has uploaded, customize many of the reports, and export the data.

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