Method Test Prep Teacher Administration (U.S. version)

Through Career Cruising for K-12's partnership with Method Test Prep, an online course that helps students build their math, reading, writing, and SAT/ACT test prep skills, students can prepare for these important tests from their My Plan accounts. 

Note: Method Test Prep is an add-on feature not available in all Career Cruising subscriptions. Contact Client Support if you'd like to learn more. 

To access Method Test Prep from CAMS, click the Method Test Prep Admin & Reporting button in the Reports section of CAMS. The first screen you'll see is the Method Test Prep Teacher Administration Page. Once inside the administrative pages, you can:

  • Manage and edit student and teacher accounts.
  • Create and organize classes.
  • View all student information, comprehensive usage reports, and aggregate data.

Staff can view information on individual students from the Administration pages without going back to the student folders. Staff can click the % complete in the View All Student Details report inside the Administrative Pages to pull up the Student Dashboard. This page displays a series of tabs that will allow you to see in-depth information about the work completed by an individual student.

Information includes:

  • Checklist completion
  • Results by concept
  • Quiz scores
  • Test scores
  • Vocabulary words mastered/missed

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