Activities for US Students

Classroom Activities
This document offers a variety of lesson plans and student worksheets for use with Career Cruising.
Portfolio Classroom Activities
This document introduces students to Career Cruising's Portfolio Tool. These 9 activities guide students through the creation of their own personal career plan, education plan, and resume.
Green Careers Activity Package
This mini-unit provides ideas and lesson plans for integrating "green" content into students' career exploration.
Independent Research Projects
This document contains 5 short career and education-related research projects suitable for adults and people in their late teens.


Activity #1 - School Subjects & Careers
This activity helps students learn about the link between school subjects and future career choices. Along the way, they will learn about several different occupations and become more familiar with Career Cruising's features.
Activity #2 - Using School Subjects in the Workplace
The purpose of this activity is to show students how the subjects and academic skills they learn in school are important in the workplace. It can be used not only in career studies classes but also in any class or subject to which you would like to add a career component.
Activity #3 - Using Career Matchmaker
This activity shows students how to use Career Matchmaker, an interactive career interest inventory. In particular, students will learn how Career Matchmaker helps them identify their work interests and then provides individualized feedback on their career choices.
Activity #4 - Your Career Ideas & Career Matchmaker
The purpose of this activity is to help students understand their interests and how they relate to career choices. It also encourages them to look beyond preconceived ideas about careers and investigate alternatives they may not have considered before.
Activity #5 - Using Career Selector
The purpose of this activity is to teach students how to use factors like working conditions, education, core tasks, and income to sort occupations and find suitable career choices. Along the way, they will learn about several different occupations and become more familiar with Career Cruising's features.
Activity #6 - Comparing Careers
In this activity, students compare two possible career choices and evaluate their interest in each on the basis of a number of different criteria. Students will learn to think critically about some of the factors that can influence career decision making.
Activity #7 - Career Clusters Research Project
In this project, students learn how occupations can be grouped together according to industry or economic sector. They will also learn how to use these categories to investigate new career possibilities.
Activity #8 - Career Fair Project
The purpose of this activity is to: 1) help students learn how to work effectively in teams or groups, and 2) discover how Career Cruising and other computer technologies can be used in research projects and presentations. Along the way, they will gain an in-depth knowledge of several different occupations.
Activity #9 - Career Interview Project
The purpose of this activity is to introduce students to informational career interviews. First, they explore one of the multimedia career interviews on Career Cruising. Then they take what they have learned and apply it in a "live" career interview with a parent or friend of the family.
Activity #10 - Discovering Your Work Skills
This excellent activity helps students make links between their daily activities and work skills. Students fill out a sample day in their life, including all curricular and extracurricular activities. Next, they use Career Cruising's 'Activities and Skills Chart' to match their activities with on-the-job activities and skills. Students then use Career Cruising to learn about careers that make use of these skills.
Activity #11 - Using My Skills
The purpose of this activity is to introduce students to the My Skills component of Career Matchmaker. It also helps students identify their skills and understand how skills are developed, both inside and outside of the workplace.
Activity #12 - College Research Exercise
The purpose of this activity is to help students:
  1. learn about colleges and the programs they offer,
  2. become familiar with Career Cruising's College and University section, and the kind of information they can find within it, and
  3. learn how to use the Internet to find important career-related information.
Activity #13 - Finding the Right College
The purpose of this activity is to help students 1) learn about the factors to consider when choosing a college (4-Year, 2-Year, or Career & Technical), and 2) use School Selector, an interactive checklist, to find colleges that match their personal and academic preferences.
Activity #14 - Learning Styles
In this activity, students identify and analyze their preferred learning styles, and investigate how the way in which they learn and retain information can impact their academic and workplace success.
Activity #15 - Why Study This? A Cross-Curricular Game
This activity can be used in any class to help students connect the knowledge and skills learned at school with the knowledge and skills required on the job. Using Career Cruising to research occupations, students compete with other teams to identify transferable skills, challenge other teams’ answers, and defend their own!


Portfolio Activity #1 - Creating Your Account
This activity introduces students to the concept of a career portfolio and helps them create their own.
Portfolio Activity #2 - Saving Your Career Matchmaker Results
This activity shows students how to save their assessment results to their portfolio.
Portfolio Activity #3 - Careers that Interest Me
This activity allows students to save careers that they are considering to their portfolio and record their thoughts about these careers.
Portfolio Activity #4 - Schools that Interest Me
This activity helps students find schools that offer the education and training they need to pursue their career goals and save those schools to their portfolio.
Portfolio Activity #5 - Scholarships & Financial Aid
This activity helps students find and save information on scholarships, grants, and other financial aid programs for which they’re qualified.
Portfolio Activity #6 - High School Education Plan
This activity helps students create a personalized high school education plan based on their career interests.
Portfolio Activity #7 - Career Preparation & Planning
This activity shows students how to record and organize their career planning activities.
Portfolio Activity #8 - Activities & Experiences
This activity helps students document their extracurricular activities, skills and abilities, awards and certificates, and work and volunteer experiences.
Portfolio Activity #9 - Using the Resume Builder
This activity takes students through the process of using their career portfolio to create a professional resume.

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