Parent Portal

Through the Parent Portal, parents or guardians of a child with a Career Cruising for K-12 account can:

  • View their child's goals, interests, achievements, and experiences
  • Track their child's plans and progress
  • Provide feedback to their child and his or her teachers and Advisors
  • Receive messages from their child's school
  • Explore Career Cruising for K-12 to learn more about career and education options

Parents/guardians will need an activation code to log into the Parent Portal, which can be created Advisors in the Career Advisor Management System (CAMS), or by the student sending an email invitation to his or her parent. Parents can link their account to as many students as needed, even if those students are at different schools.

Educators can create multiple activation codes for a student. Each activation code can only be used once so each parent will need their own activation code. Once parent/guardian accounts are set up, educators can send the message to the parents of all students, students in a pre-set student group, or students filtered by certain criteria. Parents will see the message in their inbox in the Parent Portal and they'll receive an email copy of the message.

To sign up for an upcoming Parent Portal training session, click here.

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