Customization Options

There are two methods of customization within CAMS, which allow you to tailor Career Cruising for K-12 to meet the needs of students at your school. Please note that changes made to the program options affect all users at the school.

If your school is Data Integrated (?), some customization options will be taken care of for you during your deployment. Please speak to your Career Cruising Onboarding Manager for details.

All sites will be able to manage the following customization options in CAMS:

Plan Options

  • Student Links on My Plan Homepage allows you to activate or deactivate the function on the My Plan Homepage that lets students add links to career, education, and other resources that interest them.
  • Show Assigned Advisor Email allows you to determine whether the email addresses of assigned Advisors appear in the My Advisement Log section of their students’ My Plans.
  • Signature Lines in the Printer-Friendly Plan allows you to activate or deactivate signature lines for students, parents/guardians, and Advisors in printer-friendly versions of students’ My Plans.
  • Allow students to invite their parents allows students to send invitations to their parents/guardians to create their own Parent Portal accounts.
  • Plan Sections to Include allow you to determine which sections of the My Plan tool are available to students in each grade.  
  • Resume Builder Sections to Include allow you to determine which sections of the Resume Builder appear for students in each grade.

Assessment Options

  • Level of Education Question lets you determine whether students can select the level of education they intend to complete before answering the first 39 questions of Career Matchmaker. Including this question can help refine students’ results by targeting educationally appropriate careers. Students can choose more than one type of education.
  • Other Assessments to Include lets you select the specific external assessment and test result templates (e.g. SAT and ACT scores) that appear under Other Assessments in the My Assessment section of their My Plans.

Site Settings

  • Employment Section Status – Activating the Employment section adds a link to the menu bar at the top of the screen, which allows all students at your site to access the Employment Guide.
  • Job Search Tool Status – The Job Search tool incorporates a feed from, a job search engine that allows users to access job postings on company career sites and online job boards. Activating this feature provides access to the Job Search tool in the Employment section.

    Note: Career Cruising does not screen the postings found on Indeed. The Job Search tool is not available at elementary and middle school sites.
  • SSL Security – When SSL Security is enabled, all user information entered in Career Cruising for K-12 will be encrypted as it travels from your school to our online database.
  • Career Cluster Options lets you view your site’s primary cluster system and enable a secondary cluster system for your students. The primary cluster system is available as a search option in the Explore Careers section, integrated with Career Matchmaker, and makes up the cluster interest options in the My Saved Clusters section of the My Plan. If you'd like to change your primary cluster system, please contact your Career Cruising Success Manager.

    If you'd like to include a secondary cluster system as a search option in the Explore Careers section, select one of the secondary cluster systems and click Save.

Customize My Plan Homepage Links and Files

  • You can make links to career, education, community, or reference resources available to all students or specific groups of students directly through their My Plan accounts. You can also upload documents, such as field trip permission forms and course calendars, so students can view or save copies.
  • Students have the option to invite others to view their My Plan portfolios. The Invite Others: Add/Edit Special Contacts option on the Advisor Homepage allows you to customize a list of individuals or organizations your students might want to invite to view their portfolios, such as college admissions counselors, potential co-op or internship providers, or organizations offering scholarships.
  • The list of contacts is available to students through the Invite Others to View My Plan feature in the Share My Plan section of their My Plan.  

If your site is NOT data integrated, there are some additional options you can customize:

  • Create New Plan – This setting allows you to control the My Plan creation process to suit the needs of your staff and students. Deactivating the Create New Plan option will remove the Create My Plan option from the My Plan login menu. Students will be able to log into existing Plans, but they will not be able to create new ones. This option is particularly important if you have a school-driven approach to My Plan creation.
  • Change My Password – This setting gives students the ability to change their personal Plan password.
  • Change My Grade Level – This option allows you to determine whether or not students are able to change their grade level in their Plan profile. If you are using the My Plan tool to meet specific completion standards or for course forecasting, we recommend disabling this feature and managing grade levels through the Promote/Graduate Students function on the Advisor Homepage.

Add or Modify Courses

  • The Add Or Modify Courses feature allows you to input a list of the courses available at your school to help students create their 4-year plans. Once you enter course information, students will be able to select courses they've taken, are taking, or plan to take from a drop-down list in the My Education Plan section of the My Plan tool.

Plan Completion Standards

  • Plan Completion Standards allow you to set the criteria that students are required to meet in order to complete their portfolios (My Plan). Different completion standards can be set for each grade level, allowing the use of this feature for a single course, for graduation requirements, or to implement a progressive system where students complete more sections of their plans as they advance.

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