Mass Print Options

You can print students' My Plan portfolios, education plans, resumes, and Matchmaker results in CAMS. To print multiple student records, click Mass Print Options on the Advisor Homepage and select the link for the item you'd like to print.  

Enter the criteria for the students whose information you want to print. For example, if you'd like to print the results for all students in 10th grade, select Grade 10 from the Grade Level drop-down menu and click Submit. Documents will be organized into groups of 25 for printing, with students grouped alphabetically by last name. 

Click the group of documents you want to print and they'll be displayed in your web browser window with the print function activated. Follow the printing instructions for your browser (we recommend printing the groups in the order they appear).


  • When mass printing student My Plans, you can select the sections of the portfolio you'd like to include and click Next to select students. Learn More >
  • When mass printing Education Plans, you can select whether you’d like to print complete
    4-year plans, or plans for the current or upcoming school year. 
  • When mass printing Matchmaker results for students who have completed the assessment multiple times, only the results designated as their Best Match will be printed.

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