Application Planner in CAMS (U.S. version)

Application Planner is a tool that allows students to track the college application process and provides educators with a window into their students’ progress. You can manage and configure Application Planner functions from the Application Planner button on your Advisor Homepage.

To get started with Application Planner:

  1. Review the support materials by selecting About Application Planner from the Application Planner button on your Advisor Homepage.
  2. Configure Application Planner by selecting Application Planner Settings.
  3. Add important events, dates, and deadlines to the school calendar by selecting College Planning Calendar.
  4. Enter information about scholarship opportunities available in your community in the Local Scholarship Listings section. The Local Scholarship Listings section will not appear for students until there is at least one local scholarship listed for the school.

5. Configure the Personal College Profile by selecting Personal College Profiles.

6. Import GPA and test scores. 

7. Set up eTranscripts. Learn More >

8. Add application outcomes to populate scattergrams. Learn More >

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