Why am I receiving an error message when I try to assign a role to a specific student in The Real Game?

Once you've created student logins and set up teams for The Real Game, you'll need to assign roles to your students. If you attempt to change a student's role before it has been assigned, you'll receive an error message.

To assign a role to a student:

  1. Log in to realgameonline.ca and click Facilitator's Zone.
  2. Click Manage Classes and then click Role Management.
  3. To assign roles to all students, click Select All; otherwise, check the box next to the names of the students you want to assign roles to.
  4. Choose either:
    1. Select from All to randomly assign roles from all available roles in the system.

    2. Select Roles to Assign to choose which roles you'd like to use with your class. Select a cluster of roles, or hold down the CTRL button to make a custom selection of roles. Click Assign Using Selected Roles to complete the assignments.
  5. Students will now appear with roles next to their names. To change the assigned role, click Change and select a new role. If you click the Change link when no role has been assigned, you'll receive an error message.

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