Importing Course Requests Guide – CC to SIS

It is recommended that the following steps take place a minimum of 4 weeks prior to a school or district requiring all course requests imported into their SIS. It is recommended that manual course requests or scheduling does not take place in the SIS until these steps are complete.  

Step Description Responsibility
1 Schools or districts must ensure that their SIS (Student Information Systems) is up-to-date. This includes the pre-registration of 8th grade students and courses that are offered for the next school year. District IT Support sends Career Cruising a standard data export within 5-7 days of the export date. This ensures that Career Cruising has the latest data. District IT

TEST Environment:
It is highly recommended that District IT Support run the import in an up-to-date TEST environment to see potential issues. The following steps (#2 and #3) can be repeated multiple times if necessary.

2 District IT exports a test file of student course requests through their RRS account without checking the “Mark as Exported” box. District IT Support imports file in the SIS TEST environment. An import may result in errors kicked out into an error log file. District IT
3 District and School Leads review results and resolve errors in either Course Planner or SIS. (It is up to the District/Schools to determine who is to correct the errors produced, either District IT or School Leads.) Either District IT or School Leads

LIVE Environment:
 Once errors have been addressed, the District IT Support will be ready to import course requests into the SIS LIVE environment.  It is recommended that an import to the SIS LIVE environment is only completed once.  However, the import process to the LIVE environment can be repeated if required.  These repeat imports should be completed within 24 hours of one another. Additional imports would only append course requests that were not added during the first import to the LIVE environment and will not alter existing requests in the SIS.

4 District IT Support exports final file of student course requests through their RRS account by selecting the “Mark as Exported” box. Students’ course requests in Career Cruising can no longer be edited. All future edits will be completed in the SIS. District IT
5 District IT Support imports this file in SIS LIVE environment. District IT
6 District or School Leads review results and resolve errors in SIS. Either District IT or School Leads

Transfer of course requests is now complete.

  • You can monitor submissions by region or by school from your RRS account or by school in each school’s CAMS account. View the ‘Submission Status Summary’ Report by region by navigating to ‘Course Planner’ > ‘Submission Status Summary’ Report.
  • It is recommended that staff do not edit next year’s timetable in your SIS until you confirm with the School Leads that the import to PRODUCTION/LIVE was successful.  If it is not, than you will need to remove/delete the imported data and a second import may be required to PRODUCTION/LIVE.   It is your responsibility to investigate the remove/delete import capability of your own SIS.   Any work that staff has completed in PRODUCTION/LIVE may be overwritten by multiple imports.
  • Your counselors can make changes in Course Planner until the LAST file has been exported, marking the courses as permanently locked in Career Cruising for the remainder of the school year.
  • Once you have completed your exports, officially closing any further course requests, no further changes can be made to the student course requests for the next school year in CAMS. Future course selections can be made and all other areas of Career Cruising can continue to be accessed.

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