Student Tracker Data Definitions


Important Notes:

  1. File format is in Excel following the field requirements.
  2. One data row per student.
  3. One data file per high school entry.
  4. All columns are required.
Column Name Type Description
StudentID 20 char Unique for the district (not just unique to school). If this is not unique for the district, please inform your Implementation Manager.
FirstName 40 char Student's First Name.
LastName 40 char Student's Last Name.
DateOfBirth Date Format yyyymmdd. Student's birth date.
Diploma Type char from list at right

You must select one of these options only.

  • -Endorsed/Advanced Diploma
  • -General Education Development (GED) Credential
  • High School Equivalency Credential (other than GED)
  • -International Baccalaureate
  • -Modified Diploma
  • -Regular Diploma
  • -Vocational Certificate
  • -Other
High School Graduation Date Date Format yyyymmdd.
FERPA Block 1 char Y or N. Indicates that the student or parent has requested FERPA Block.
High School Name 50 char The name of the high school.
ACT Code 6 digits The ACT Code for the high school from which the student graduated.


Student ID FirstName LastName DOB DiplomaType Grad Date FERPA Block High School Name ACT Code
1234567 Mark J. Smith 19920901 Regular Diploma 20090630 N Thomas Jefferson HS 123456
87654321 Ann Marie Johnson Kelly 19910424 International Baccalaureate 20080630 Y Bruce HS 654321

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