Can I log in as a student to practice using Career Cruising?

Yes, you can practice using Career Cruising from the student side! The process for using demo student accounts depends on if your school is Data Integrated (?).

If your school is Data Integrated:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click the Demo Students link under the Welcome message.
  2. You'll be provided a list of usernames and passwords to log in to OR you can click the Login button on the list and the demo account will automatically open in a new browser tab.

    Note: These demo accounts are generated from randomized student data. All Advisors have access to the same accounts and can save any changes or edits. Consult with your colleagues on usage guidelines if necessary.

If your school is
not Data Integrated:

  1. Create a new student account to be used for demo purposes only (do not use real student details). 
  2. Set the account status to Inactive to prevent demo account details from showing up on reports (you can still view and use Career Cruising with an inactive account).

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