Why are my students not at 100% portfolio completion even though they've completed all required activities?

Your students may not be at 100% portfolio completion for a few different reasons. Students have access to their completion details from their My Progress bar, which outlines all Portfolio Completion Standards requirements, and appears at the top of nearly every page. If you want students to check their own completion status, ask them to log in to Career Cruising and check the My Progress section on their homepage.

If you want to identify the reason why a student is not showing 100% portfolio completion, here's how to check their completion status:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Search for Students.
  2. Search for a student who hasn't reached 100% portfolio completion by name or student ID and click Submit
  3. Click the View/Action drop-down menu beside the student's name and select Completion Status. 
  4. On the Portfolio Completion Status page, the Criteria will appear as Complete, Incomplete, or Pending Reflect & Confirm. If the result is Incomplete, please advise the student which sections they need to complete to achieve 100% completion. If the result is Pending Reflect & Confirm, please continue reading.

The Reflect & Confirm setting is activated to ensure students confirm completed sections of their portfolio from previous years, but it may also prevent current/new requirements from showing as complete. To find out if your school has activated the Reflect & Confirm setting, check your school's Portfolio Completion Standards.

If your students are not yet at 100% completion because they're Pending Reflect & Confirm in a specific section, please ask them to complete the following task:

  1. Log in to careercruising.com
  2. In the My Progress bar, click Reflect & Confirm.
  3. A list of sections will appear. Click the section to confirm.
  4. In the box entitled Reflect & Confirm, check the box beside I have reflected on this section of My Plan and have confirmed that it is up to date. The section will then be marked as complete.
  5. Return to the main page by clicking the Career Cruising logo at the top of the page. Repeat this process from Step 2 for all sections listed within Reflect & Confirm. The progress bar will update the percentage as sections are confirmed.

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