Where do I see a student's portfolio completion details?

If your school has activated Portfolio Completion Standards, you'll have the option to track your students' progress through Career Cruising for K-12 in the Career Advisor Management System (CAMS). You can use this information to advise the student on which sections they still need to complete based on your school's specific standards. 

To view a Portfolio Completion Status Report for an individual student:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Search for Students
  2. Enter the student's name or ID and click Submit
  3. Click the View/Action drop-down menu beside the student's name and select Completion Status.
  4. On the table provided, portfolio criteria will show as Complete or Incomplete under Status.

To view a Portfolio Completion Status Report for multiple students:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Completion Reports.
  2. Click Portfolio Completion Status by Student.
  3. You can only view the report for one grade at a time. From the Step 1 drop-down menu, Select Grade.
  4. From the Step 2 drop-down menu, Select Level based on these five completion options:

    All Students: Report will show all students 0% to 100% complete.
    Complete All: Report will show all students at 100% portfolio completion, including Alternative Completion students.
    Complete Standard: Report will show students at 100% portfolio, not including Alternative Completion students
    Complete Alternative: Report will show Alternative Completion students at 100% portfolio completion.
    Incomplete: Report will show all students below 100% portfolio completion.

    You also have the option to choose a specific Advisor Assignment (see Step 3 on the page). 
  5. Once the Step 1-3 options are selected, click View Report.
  6. A list of students matching the criteria will be generated, showing their Complete or Incomplete status for each section, including the total Percentage Completed. Fifty students will appear per page; click Next 50 Results» on the bottom of the page to continue through the list. 
  7. You can export the full report by checking the box beside Excel Spreadsheet or Text File and clicking Export.

If you have access to the Regional Reporting System you can follow the same instructions as above to view a single student, or multiple students (with additional filtering by school available) by using the same steps above starting from your Administrator Homepage.

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