How do I change the message on the Course Planner sign-off sheets?

Once students have completed their course selections in Career Cruising, they'll be able to print a course sign-off sheet that provides a summary of their selected courses and any relevant notes to be signed by student, parent, and educator.

To change or add a message to the course sign-off sheets:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Course Planner.
  2. Under Administrative Tools, click Grade Settings.
  3. Select the edit (pencil) icon for the grade where you'd like to change the sign-off sheet message.
  4. Under Sign Off Sheet Options, click the edit (pencil) icon beside Custom Message.
  5. Use the Text Editor window to add or edit the message to appear on sign-off sheets. When finished, click the red X in the top right of the box to close that window. Scroll down and click Submit to save your changes. You'll return to the Grade Settings page, where you can make updates for other grades if needed.

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