How do I determine what dates to enter for each grade setting?

Several Date Settings appear for each grade level within Course Planner. Here's a brief description of each:

  • Year Starts Date
    After this date (usually set for August or September), the Course Planner is unlocked from the previous year. Students will be allowed to plan courses for the following year; however, they will not be able to lock in (or commit) their course requests until after the Allow Lock-In date.
  • Allow Lock-In Date
    If a student clicks the Submit button after this date, the course requests will be locked and a Sign-Off Sheet will be visible and printable. This date is usually set for the end of the first semester after the latest marks are uploaded.
  • Target Finish Date
    This date simply informs students of when course selections are due.
  • Stop Online Selections Date
    Students will no longer be able to submit courses after this date, and their course selections will be transferred to your Student Information System.

Consider any district-specific deadlines and dates you've followed in past school years when setting the above dates. You'll likely need to work back from your school's course scheduling completion due dates to determine what to enter for each grade setting.

To edit Course Planner dates:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Course Planner.
  2. Click Grade Settings.
  3. Click the edit (pencil) icon beside the grade where you'd like to change the date settings.
  4. Use the first four fields to enter the dates for each setting and click Submit. Your changes will be saved and you'll return to the Grade Settings homepage. Repeat for additional grades as needed.

For further guidance on Course Planner dates, we recommend you speak with someone at your school district or Board of Education. You can also contact your Career Cruising Onboarding Manager.

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