How do I enable students to take the Ability Profiler?

The Ability Profiler test consists of six timed sections designed to evaluate students' level of ability in key job areas. To ensure students take the test under proper conditions in a classroom or lab, Advisors can schedule as many testing windows as required for students to complete the sections. 

Students who have completed Matchmaker can click the Ability Profiler button in their My Plan during an open testing window and they'll see a text box labeled Enter Registration Code (provided by the Advisor) and a Start Now button.

Note: Advisors who want to administer the Ability Profiler should review the Administrator's Guide.

To schedule a new Ability Profiler test:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Manage Ability Profiler.
  2. Click View & Edit the Test Schedule.
  3. Click Schedule Test.
  4. Select the date and times when you'll be conducting the test and click Submit. Test windows must be between 30 minutes and 4 hours.
  5. You'll be given a Registration Code to share with students that will be valid during the specified testing window. There's no limit to the number of test takers who can use a particular Registration Code, but the code will only be valid for the selected testing time. 

Note: Students must begin or continue Ability Profiler during a testing window; however, they're not required to finish the sections or test in that time.

To view the scheduled testing windows for your site:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Manage Ability Profiler.
  2. Click View & Edit the Test Schedule. This page displays a list of all Ability Profiler tests that have been scheduled for your site. You can also view the number of students who have completed one or more sections of the test during previous testing windows, and view or cancel upcoming tests. If there's a test scheduled for the current day, it will be listed in bold.

For more information about administering the Ability Profiler, including eligibility, testing conditions, and accommodations, please review the Ability Profiler Administration Manual.

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