How can I create a list of a student's Suggested Careers/Matchmaker results?

One of the most popular reports Advisors run is Matchmaker Results, which shows each student's list of top 10 suggested careers from the Matchmaker assessment. There are two options for running this report: by individual student or by student group.

To view the Top 10 Matchmaker Results for an individual student:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Search for Students
  2. Enter the student's name or ID and click Submit
  3. Click the View/Action drop-down menu beside the student's name and select View Portfolio.
  4. Scroll to the section titled Career Matchmaker Results (Top 10 Careers) to view suggested careers. 

To view the full 40 Matchmaker Results for one or more students:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Mass Print Options.
  2. Click Mass Print Career Matchmaker Results.
  3. Enter the Search Criteria based on the student(s) you want to view (e.g. Grade 10) and click Submit.

  4. Search results will be grouped in lists of 25 students, sorted by last name. Click the group number (e.g. 0-25) to see full Matchmaker Results for those students, including a list of their 40 top suggested careers.

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