How do I find a student who is missing from my Student List?

The process of finding a missing student depends on if your school is Data Integrated (?).

If your school is Data Integrated, student accounts are managed via your school's Student Information System (SIS). Please keep your SIS up to date as this information is automatically sent to Career Cruising during data transfers.

If you search for a student who has recently enrolled and they don't appear on the Student List, they may not yet have been imported into Career Cruising. Check your data upload schedule to see the date of your next data transfer. If there have been several data uploads since the student was enrolled, you have the option to follow the steps below for non-Data Integrated clients.

If your school is not Data Integrated, the student is either not enrolled in your school or their status is set to Inactive. Here's how to proceed if you've already searched for the student and they do not appear on the Student List:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Search for Students. 
  2. Enter the student's name or ID. Change the Status to Inactive before you click Submit.
  3. If the student cannot be found (Matching Students: 0 under Search Criteria), follow the instructions to create a new student account.*
  4. If you receive the message username/student ID already exists, please follow the instructions to transfer the student account.

*If your settings permit, students may be able to create their own accounts

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