How do I create a new graduation/diploma stream?

If the requirements for graduating at your school or district have changed, or a different diploma stream is offered, you can create a new diploma for your students in Course Planner. 

For full instructions on setting up or modifying Diplomas, please view Course Planner training videos (Advisor login required) or speak to your Career Cruising Onboarding Manager.

To create a new Basic Diploma Template:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Course Planner.
  2. Under Course Modifications, click Diploma/Planner Requirements.
  3. Under Diploma Information, scroll down and click the link for Create Basic Diploma Template.
  4. The page will reload to show your new diploma, titled Basic Diploma Template.
  5. Change the Diploma name under Main Diploma Options and click Submit to save. You'll now have the ability to make modifications to the course requirements for this new Diploma.

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