How do I add a 5th year column for returning students?

There are three settings for adding an additional year column in Course Planner. Please pick the option in Step 3 that best meets your school's needs.

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Course Planner.
  2. Click General Settings.
  3. Beside Returning Grade, select one of three options:

    None: A 5th year column will not appear.
    Optional: Students or Advisors have the option to Add Column within the Course Planner.
    Forced: A 5th year column will appear for every student by default.
  4. Click Submit. Your changes will be saved and you'll return to the Course Planner Admin homepage.

If Returning Grade is set to Optional, here's how to manually add a 5th year column for specific students:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Search for Students.
  2. Enter the student's name or ID and click Submit.
  3. Click the View/Action drop-down menu beside the student's name and select Course Planner.
  4. At the bottom of the final column, select Add Column. You'll get a pop-up message Please Wait ...
  5. The 5th year column will be added. Use the horizontal scroll bar to scroll right if you can't see the column.

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