How do I run reports for a specific class or group of students?

The Career Advisor Management System (CAMS) provides Advisors with the option to generate reports based on the content of students' portfolios. When viewing Completion Reports, Portfolio Reports, or Application Planner Reports, you may want to view the results for a specific group of students. 

The categories for grouping students in reports are Grade Level, Assigned Advisor, and/or Gender. You can use any combination of these variables to create your list. For the Assigned Advisor variable to work best, please ensure students advisor assignments are up to date.

As an example of how to run a report for a specific group of students, here's how to view a Matchmaker Suggested Careers report for 10th-grade students only:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Portfolio Reports.
  2. Find the Matchmaker Suggested Careers report on the list and click the Customize link beside it.
  3. Under Customization Criteria, use the Grade Level drop-down menu and select Grade 10.
  4. Click View Report to view or export the report. If you plan to run this report regularly, click Save Settings, name the report configuration, and click Save & View.

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