How can I exempt special education/transition students from Portfolio Completion Standards?

If a student is unable to complete Portfolio Completion Standards set by your school or district, you can set their account to Alternative Completion:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Search for Students.
  2. Enter the student's name or ID and click Submit. 
  3. Click the View/Action drop-down menu beside the student's name and select Alternative Completion.
  4. An About Alternative Completion pop-up message will appear. Click OK.
  5. In the Alternative Portfolio Completion Details form, check the Status box beside This student is completing the portfolio requirement through alternative means.
  6. Select a Reason from the drop-down menu.
  7. Add Comments (optional).
  8. Click Save.

Students who have been marked with Alternative Completion will appear at 100% completion in all reports.

Note: Alternative Completion is not available in all regions. To exempt certain students from Completion Reports outside of the U.S.:

  1. Update the student's status to Inactive.
  2. Run the necessary Completion Reports. Inactive students will be excluded.
  3. Set the student status back to Active (follow instructions from Step 1). If your school is Data-Integrated (?), student profiles will automatically reactivate during the next data upload.

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