How do I enable the Annual Advisor Review?

When enabled, the Annual Advisor Review setting requires Advisors to complete a review of each student's My Plan portfolio before the student can reach 100% completion.

Because the setting is an option within Portfolio Completion Standards, it can only to be used by schools that have completion standards enabled and reviews must be completed by an Advisor. For more information, see our Setting Up Portfolio Completion Standards document (U.S. version or Canadian version).

To enable the Annual Advisor Review setting if your school has Portfolio Completion Standards:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Portfolio Completion Standards.
  2. Scroll to below the Portfolio Completion Standards table and click the Add Annual Options button. If you do not see the Add Annual Options button, you may not have access to edit Portfolio Completion Standards. Please speak to your Career Cruising Administrator or the main Career Cruising contact at your school district for more information.
  3. From the Annual Portfolio Development Activities pop-up, read the setting descriptions and click Next.
  4. Read the information under How do annual portfolio development activities work? Select the option Yes, I’d like to set that up now and click Next.
  5. Select the grade levels you'd like to activate Annual Portfolio Review for and click Next.
  6. Skip the Reflect & Confirm section by selecting Next. 
  7. You'll receive a Thank You! notification. Click Finish to save your changes and close the pop-up window.

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