How can my school and students use Google Docs with Assignments/Activities?

If your school uses Google Docs, you can share assignment details as files or shareable links in the Assignments & Activities section in the Career Advisor Management System (CAMS).

Once a student has completed the assignment, they'll need to download or save a copy to their computer from Google Drive (in a .doc or .pdf format) and upload the file to the Assignment/Activity section in My Plan.

To create a new assignment/activity that uses a Google Doc:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Assignments & Activities.
  2. Click the Add New Assignment button.
  3. Complete the form with the details of your assignment, including Activity Name and Due Date (optional). In order for students to view the Google Doc with assignment details, include the Sharable Link* in the Description field.

    *To turn on the Google Document sharing option and copy the shareable link, right-click the document name in Google Drive and select Get sharable link...
  4. Choose which student(s) should see the assignment/activity by choosing from the following options:
    • All students in the school
    • All students in a specific grade (select the grade).
    • All my students (students assigned to you)
    • All my students in a specific grade (select the grade)
    • All students in a specific group (read more about student groups)
  5. Click Next to continue creating the assignment/activity. You'll have the option to add one or more files (template, worksheet, etc.) for students to download by clicking Add File.

    Note: If you prefer students to download and work on an offline copy of the Google Doc, download the file to your computer from Google Drive and upload it to the Assignment during this step.
  6. Choose the file from your computer and select Open. The file will then be added; to remove it, click Remove. Repeat as necessary for additional files. Once all the files you want have been added, click Next.
  7. Review the details of your assignment/activity. Click Back to make changes and Finish to confirm. You'll receive a pop-up notification with the message Your changes have been saved.

If you provided a shareable link, students can visit the online version of the file and click Add to My Drive. They'll then be able to edit and save the document from Google Docs.

If you provided a file downloaded from Google Drive, students will need to download the file to view it. They can work offline or upload the file to their own Google Drive and work on it online.

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