Why is my student unable to submit their Course Planner request?

If a student is unable to submit Course Planner requests after making course selections, there are a few possible reasons: 

1. The student has not completed the course selection process.

  • Students must ensure all required, elective, and alternate (if applicable) boxes are filled in before clicking submit. 

2. The student has an unresolved red alert on their planner.

  • If the student has selected a course without the appropriate prerequisite or grade threshold, it will trigger a red alert and the student will not be able to submit the course request until they modify the selection or an administrator completes an override.

3. The course lock-in period is not yet open.

  • Students cannot submit courses until the allow lock-in date. If the student has filled out Course Planner, their plan will be saved and they can submit a request once the lock-in period is open. 

4. The lock-in period has passed. 

  • Students cannot submit courses in Course Planner after the lock-in period has passed. At this point, all changes must be completed in the Student Information System (SIS).

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