How do students transfer their accounts between regions?

If a student has an existing Career Cruising account, it can be transferred to a school in a different region if that school has a Career Cruising subscription. This action must be completed by the student.

To transfer their account, ask the student to: 

  1. Log in to with the new school’s basic username & password and click Sign In.
  2. Click Log Into My Plan and enter the personal username and password used at their former school. This will transfer their existing account to the new school’s account.

If the student does not remember their username and password, ask them do one of two things:

  1. Use the Forgot My Username/Password link on to retrieve login information via email. Please note that the email address must be the same address that is saved to the student’s profile.
  2. Contact their former school’s guidance department to obtain the login information.

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