How do I transfer a student account to my school?

The method of transferring a student to your school depends on if your school is Data Integrated (?).

If your school is Data Integrated, student accounts are managed through your school's Student Information System. Please keep your SIS up to date as this information is automatically sent to Career Cruising during data transfers. If you need to move a student account to your school between scheduled data transfers, please follow these instructions.

If your school is not Data Integrated, you can manually transfer an existing student account to your school. If the current account has a Student ID saved within the profile, the student's username and password are required:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Add New Student in the Student Administration section.
  2. Enter the Student ID and click Next.
  3. Under the Transfer Students section, click Transfer.
  4. Enter the username and password for the student's account. If you don't have this information, please ask the student; they can retrieve their login through the Forgot Username & Password link on if needed. 
  5. Click Transfer. You'll be brought to the Edit Profile page to make any updates or changes to the account.

If you have access to your Regional Reporting System, please follow these instructions for transferring students between schools.

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