How do I transfer a student account out of my school?

Students can be transferred from one school within a district to another if the school you're transferring to has a subscription to Career Cruising for K-12. Once a student’s account is transferred to another school, their My Plan is removed from your school list and you no longer have access to it. 

The process of transferring student accounts depends on if your school is Data Integrated (?). 

If your school is Data Integrated, student accounts are managed through your school's Student Information System (SIS). Please keep your SIS up to date as this information is automatically sent to Career Cruising during data transfers. If you need to transfer a student between scheduled data transfers, follow these instructions.

If your school is not Data Integrated, here's how to transfer a student account out of your school:

  1. From your Advisor Homepage, click Transfer Students. Some districts have this feature disabled. Contact your Career Cruising Administrator if you do not see this link.
  2. Select the school you want to transfer the student to.
  3. Find students to transfer using any of the search criteria and click Submit.
  4. Select the students you want to transfer and click Transfer.
  5. Confirm the student list for transfer and select Confirm (or Edit List and repeat Step 4).
  6. You'll receive a confirmation pop-up with the message All of the selected students were transferred

If you have access to your Regional Reporting System, please follow these instructions for transferring students between schools.

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